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Potteries Heavy Haulage invests in new vehicle and trailer equipment

As part of our commitment to investing in the latest vehicles and equipment available on the market, Potteries has purchased several top-of-the-range vehicles and trailers to bolster our already expansive fleet of vehicles to suit every type of load.

Our new vehicles include:

  • Mercedes ACTROS 120t Truck
  • Mercedes AROCS 180t Truck
  • 2 Axle Goldhofer 38cm Extendible Low Loader
  • 3 Axle Goldhofer 90cm Semi Low Loaders
  • 3 Axle Broshuis 70cm Semi Low Loader
  • 6 Axle Coil Well Trailer with a carrying capacity of 65,000 kg

In keeping with Potteries’ continual investment, we have recently taken delivery of the first UK plated 250t 8×4 Mercedes Actros SLT tractor unit.

Jonathon Edwards, Director of Potteries, is delighted with the new additions: “At Potteries, we invest heavily in our fleet – we want to make sure we have the right vehicles to make sure we can fulfil every type of heavy haulage requirements. These new vehicles and trailer equipment will ensure we stay ahead of the game and can deliver our customers’ cargo, no matter the size, shape or weight.”

This year has already seen the start of a new era for our company with the arrival of 16 axles of Goldhofer modular equipment, along with various low beds, beam decks, bolsters and other equipment, which has significantly increased the diversity of our fleet and bring our individual load carrying capacity to well over 250 tonnes.