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Vessel Trailer: Reinvesting in our fleet

Recently we sent one of vessel trailers home to be fully refurbished by the manufacturer. We have now collected the vessel trailer from Germany along with additional beams to further increase its capability. After adding the new beams this SCHEUERLE vessel trailer can now handle up to 21m inside the bed.

We’re continuously reinvesting to ensure we have the right assets available. Buying, Maintaining and Refurbishing trailers to increase our Capability, Capacity and Reliability.

We have always reinvested in our fleet of specialist trailers, buying new or scouring the market to find the ideal used trailers. In addition maintaining our equipment is another key to our success, using a mixture of in-house expertise or external.

In a highly competitive market its important to us to keep increasing our capability and flexibility.

Our vessel trailer fleet are ideal for long, high and wide loads, including pressure vessels and tanks for the petrochemical and food industries. They are also ideal for high and narrow loads due to the increased internal clearance, which allows the load to sit inside the beams. The beams can be extend both in length and in width.

Vessel Fleet Capability:

Vessel Fleet: Up to 24.5m, 35,000 kgs and 3.14m internal clearance.

Modular: Up to 26m, 100,000+ kgs and 3.86cm internal clearance.

Our range of trailers can be found here. As we are continuously investing in our fleet, therefore if you can not find something if your needs please get in contact. The team are ready to help you.

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