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Out of Gauge Container and Modular Building Transport

Potteries Heavy Haulage frequently complete Out of Gauge Container and Modular Building Transport. We have experience in transporting high, wide, long, and heavy containerised buildings. Importing and exporting abnormal loads to Europe and within the UK. The team have a varied experience of moving modular buildings of varying dimensions and weights across Europe.

We have numerous clients contacting the team to find out what is possible when moving modular buildings. All hauliers and transport companies have different limitations. Knowing this piece of knowledge is crucial when other inform you of what is possible and how to accomplish the project. The limitations and solution could arise from the limitations of their equipment, knowledge, or a combination of both. Abnormal load transport is a specialist industry where all providers have varying degree of trailers, technology and experience.

Using our equipment and knowledge your cargo could be moved via the UK motorway safely. Other transport providers may over specify a solution using high load routes or barges due to limitations with their fleet. We have the equipment tailored to both transporting throughout Europe and the UK. This is important when trying to minimise overall height and axel weights in Europe with different road restrictions for weight, length, height and width.

We have worked with various clients to help them design their product to ensure it can clear structures and be transported economically. Working with their teams and offering them solutions to improve their product where others have said it is not possible.

If we can not help you with our specialist fleet, we will either help you organise the movement with our trusted network of hauliers or provide you with an appropriate transport company or freight forwarder. You can trust us to ensure you receive the most appropriate advice and service.

We are here to help if you have exceptionally high or heavy products and require transport. Perhaps you need help transporting a containerised plant room which exceptionally heavy and too high and long for other operators to transport safely.

Modular Building Transport
Data Centre Modular Building being loaded

How we can help:

  • Design – We can help you design a cost-effective building that will be push the boundaries on size and weight. Helping you balance what is possible and economical.
  • Exports and Imports – We understand the specific country regulations for abnormal load transport. Restrictions differ from country to country and have the knowledge to understand how to transit Europe.
  • Specialist Equipment – Trailers to handle long, high and heavy loads.
  • Cost Effective Transport Solutions – We will work with you to ensure you are not over specified a transport solution.

Why choose Potteries:

  • Extensive UK and European knowledge.
  • Specialist trailers to maximise your possibilities
  • Working with you to push the design boundaries.
  • Dedicated Project management expertise
  • Hardworking and Small dedicated team
  • A reliable transport service

Example Movements:            

  • Combined Heat and Power Plants (CHP) – 15.05m Long, 4.00 wide, 3.80m High and 60,000Kgs.   
  • Waste to Energy – 5.4m Long, 2.8m Wide, 4.75m High and 8,000kgs. Delivered within the UK via the UK motorway network. No High Load route required due to our specialist Vessel Bed Trailers. Pushing the limits for height in the UK without using high load routes.
  • Offsite Plant Rooms – 5m Long x 4m Wide x 3.5m High and 10,000kgs
Transport of Modular Buildings - Data Centres
Modular Data Centre Transport to Germany

Our niche is the transportation of very high, wide, and heavy products. We provide a service you can rely on for modular building transport. Potteries will deliver your products as required and ensure we fit into your schedule. Our aim is to provide you with a transport solution that will meet your needs and budget without over specifying a solution which can dramatically increase costs.

Next time you have an exceptionally large and heavy OOG containerised product or modular building we will be happy to help you get moving.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Transport
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Transport
CHP System Transport