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Investment in Covered Trailers for Abnormal Loads

We have invested further in our covered trailers for abnormal loads. The latest heavy haulage trailer adds to our increasing diverse fleet of specialist trailers. Our fleet of covered trailers offer customers the opportunity to cover oversized cargo without the need for sheeting and reduce packing significantly.

Our latest trailer from Meusburger can carry loads up to 6.5m wide under cover (six and half meters wide). This is a covered, 6 axle step frame trailer and the six axles can support a cargo of up to 65,000kgs.

We have invested in an oversized covered fleet to carry heavy and wide cargo and still be able to offer protection from the elements. It is difficult and time consuming to sheet the largest cargo and sheets can damage the load. An alternative is to use shipping cases, which adds time, additional resources and therefore increased cost to the clients project. If the load is going by road to its destination, the better option could be to use a covered trailer.

These covered trailers are ideal for journeys throughout the UK and Europe when the abnormal cargo needs to be protected from the elements. They are Safer and quicker than sheeting and more Environmentally friendly and cost effective than packing cases.

Covered Trailer Options:

  • Meusburger Trailer, for the widest and heaviest loads.
  • Royen Trailer, for loads too wide for euro liners.
  • Meierling Trailer, for heavy products products.
  • Schmitz cargo-bull, Standard Euro liner for ancillary items.
Trailer Type Max Width
Max Length
Max Height (m)Cargo Weight (kgs)
6-axle Covered
Step Frame
6.5 10 – 13.13.565,000
3-axle Covered Step Frame3.5 9 – 13.63.533,000 
6-axle Covered Flat with Coil Well2.4 132.20 65,000
3-axle Covered Flat 2.4  13.52.75 33,000 

If your cargo is longer, heavier, or wider than our covered trailers can handle, please see our other fleet of trailers for abnormal load transport or contact us.

Benefits of using Covered Trailers for Abnormal Loads

  • Reduced H&S risk versus sheeting or packing.
  • Protects the cargo from the elements
  • Reduces the dirt and scratches which can be caused by traditional sheeting methods
  • Environmentally better than shipping cases
  • Reduced waste compared to shipping cases
  • No requirement to move cargo to packing company or a packing company working on a customers site

Example Abnormal Load Cargo

The following cargo can be safely and efficiently through the UK and Europe using our covered trailers…

  • CNC Machines – Removes the requirement of sheeting and suitable for machines up to 6.5m wide.
  • Plant and Tractor Transport – Ensures new machine is kept factory clean for delivery.
  • Exhibition Transport – Reduces set-up time at the exhibition, large cargo arriving clean and ready.
  • Heavy Rolls – Reduces packing requirement using the coil well up to 65,000kgs.
  • Machinery Transport – Reduce the need for costly shipping cases or sheets which can damage the cargo.

If packing is required for deep sea shipping, covered trailers can be used to ensure the cargo can be taken safely to the packing company rather than shipping or taking a chance with the elements.

Contact us today for further information and suitability of covered trailers for abnormal loads on your next project.