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Project Cargo: Potteries’ delivers in Ireland

Potteries have successfully delivered in Ireland for a long standing client. The project included Potteries discharging and delivering 3000+ Tonnes of project cargo from 4 vessels in Greenore port. The team successfully delivered the project cargo to the Intel Campus in Leixlip from the port. This project included 20+ pieces that were over 5-6m Wide, 34m Long, 4.1m high and 142Tonnes.

The Potteries team have a long-standing relationship with the client. The client contacted Potteries during the design phase of their project in Ireland. Initially Potteries worked with the client to identify possible routes for the out-of-gauge cargo. Potteries provided full route assessments, swept path analysis and input into the design of the cargo. Potteries provided a full suite of services to complete the project.

Heavy lift vessels departing from China, India and Europe delivered the cargo to Greenore Port. Potteries discharged the vessels at the port of Greenore and delivered the project cargo to Leixlip near Dublin. The distance from the port to the Intel Leixlip campus is 129.4km. Traveling 87.5km on the first evening and 41.9km on the second evening.

This project was delivered by working closely with Gabriel O’Brien Crane Hire. O’Brien’s completed some road movements and provided SPMT for the final movement. John Shannon Transport were appointed to help with management on the ground. John Shannon latterly provided in gauge transport and piloting services.

Tree surgery, street furniture removal and the Guardia were coordinated by Potteries. The successful management of all services provided safe passage for the project cargo. Significant effort went into coordinating with the local authorities, structure owners and the client.

Services provided:

  • Project Management
  • Route Assessment
  • Swept Path Analysis
  • Vessel Discharge
  • Street Furniture sleeving & removal
  • Police Escorts and Pilot Cars
  • Pre and Post structural assessments
  • Road Transportation of in-gauge and out-of-gauge cargo.

The route had 68 notable structures including the Mary McAleese Boyne Valle Suspension Bridge. The Guardia were required to close the Boyne Bridge for the sole use of Potteries. The structure owner, Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) requested the bridge closure due to the size of the movements. Pre and Post structure assessments were completed for the Boyne bridge and other structures as requested by the authorities.

The team called upon years of experience and our modular equipment to deliver this project successfully. Delivery of this project was made possible calling upon decades of experience in planning, surveys, permits, driving and steering. A perfect demonstration of what we can offer our clients.

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