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Continuing to provide Abnormal Load Transport

During the coronavirus pandemic we have continued to operate safely and continue to service our customers seeking abnormal load services. As with other key industries we continue to transport abnormal loads UK wide and throughout Europe. We have faced cross border challenges across many European abnormal load routes however we have been successful in delivering for our customers. At Potteries we have continued to operate Abnormal Load Transport throughout the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden and further afield such as the Czech Republic.

During economic uncertainly and Covid-19 pressures our standards have not reduced. We continue to operate within the Abnormal load guidance, following the standards for escort vehicles, using police escorts and abide by the regulations in all the countries we transit and deliver.  

Abnormal Load Challenges

Routing Abnormal Loads has been a particularly interesting area during the pandemic and has been increasingly challenging for some time. With decades of experience the team has managed to continue routing vehicles, during the most severe lockdown rules it was only allowable for key industries but even with the lockdown restrictions there continues to be many structures on the UK road network which are challenging abnormal load hauliers. At Potteries we uphold the highest standards in a routing of vehicles for both our own trucks and for the hauliers we offer abnormal load permit applications.

We have been faced with challenges along the journey however the team have overcome the problems and continue to operate under the regulations. Some of the challenges we continue to face are not related to coronavirus but other restrictions such as the Abnormal Load Movement Embargos in Manchester. This means in Manchester area there are certain times of the week where abnormal loads cannot travel. We strictly observe and plan our movements in line with the Abnormal Load Guidance and Wide Load Regulations in the UK.

Other interesting challenges we have faced were incorrect shipping timetables. This problem led to a conversation with the Ferry operator to ensure that advertised shipping dates were observed. The Ferry operator wanted to change the shipping dates avoiding costly European holiday docking costs. The impact of the Ferry operator whilst reducing their costs would have greatly increased our customers construction costs. Fortunately the team managed to convince the operator to dock the Ferry as per the timetable. The modules were shipped and installed as per the customers timetable.

We continue to deliver our full range of abnormal load services; Abnormal Load Transport, Escort Vehicles, Route Surveys, Storage and Project Management.

Industries potteries have provided abnormal load transport for during the Pandemic:

  • Transportation of Pressure Vessels for the Petrochemical Industry. Transporting a load utilising our modular trailer to unload using Potteries designed frames and the trailer suspension. This removed the requirement for a crane on-site for the unloading as per the customer requirements. LinkedIn Post.
  • High, Wide and Heavy Transportation of a Modular data centre for a European University. Using specialist trailers to ensure the overall height was low enough to transit Holland where the Abnormal load Restrictions is lower than UK.
  • Continued abnormal load movements and storage for the aviation industry which has been severely impacted by the downturn.
  • Wide and Heavy Modular Generators from Europe to the UK. Offering solutions for a new customer. Its always a pleasure to offer our great service to a new customer. LinkedIn Post.
  • Delivered abnormal loads in Scotland for the wind energy sector, consisting of Generators from Germany and Wind Blades in the UK.
  • Machinery for the construction industry using one of covered step frame trailers, ensuring the new machine was in showroom condition whilst it was shipped between factories for modifications.

Changes to the Abnormal Load Fleet during the Pandemic:

  • The return of one of our vessel bed fleet, which featured in our news articles: Vessel Trailer Investment
  • The purchase of a new trailer for our abnormal load covered trailer fleet, which we are now awaiting delivery.
  • The purchase of a Double Extendable Mega Flat Trailer which will further increase our capability importing long and heavy abnormal loads from Europe.
  • We also had an abnormal load escort vehicle for sale which we have now sold. After 370,000 after 6 years in service. Like all our escort vehicles it was fully compliant with the regulations and had all the required escort vehicle markings. It was a shame to say goodbye, but another Abnormal Load Haulier is now enjoying operating safely on the UK road network.

Future Outlook

With constant news articles about coronavirus, the economy and Brexit the future is uncertain. We must remain confident and continue to do the things we do well. We wish all our suppliers and customers well and remain positive about the future.

If you are looking for a new solution, new supplier or a different approach please get in contract via e-mail or phone. We will be happy to help, advise and provide a solution. We have provided alternative methods and project management to our current clients to provide effect solutions.

Abnormal Load Movement